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Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Fairies

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Fluorite Crystal

Add a little pixie dust to your life or gift a friend! Fairies bring the energy of joy. Fairies go around helping our core vibration become a magnet and vibrational boom of happiness. When you are raising and increasing your vibration, you are in better alignment with just the thing you want to manifest! The joy fairies assist you in dialing into manifesting exactly what it is you desire. The other wonderful thing about fairy energy is when it blesses you, you start taking inspired action and you feel recharged, invigorated and empowered! 

Fluorite is a highly protective stone and can help overcome chaos. Stabilizes and cleanses the aura. Draws off negative energy and stress of all kinds. Dissolves fixed patterns and ideas, helping to see the bigger picture. Use Fluorite to help overcome any form of disorganization. 

***Approximately 3/4"***