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Pink Agate Generators

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Agate Crystal

Grab these RARE high quality Pink Agate crystal generators while they're in stock!

Soothing beautiful Agate is perfect for mediums, channelers, massage therapists, reiki practitioners and any type of energy healer. This stone vibrates at such a high frequency and allows one to transition between this realm and higher realms with ease. This stone's intuitive abilities also help the worker get in contact with spirit guides, guardian angels and other powerful beings. Meditating with this stone repeatedly will help one easily live each day at a higher frequency. Living at this frequency will help one connect to their higher self, the most pure and loving form of who we truly are. 

A grounding stone. Soothing and calming. Brings great strength. Facilitates acceptance of oneself and builds self confidence. Encourages speaking ones truth. Overcomes negativity. Heals emotions.

***Approximately 3" tall***