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Rose Quartz Gemstone Eggs

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Rose Quartz Gemstone Eggs

What does a crystal egg represent??
Eggs represent new beginnings. We all know that eggs bring life through birth. Just look at the divine, innocent and adorable baby chick that hatches from its cozy shell to join us on Earth. If you are looking for a fresh new start, crystal eggs are perfect for you. 
Because life in itself is a miracle, we associate eggs with bringing about magic. If you are looking to infuse miracles and magic into your life, crystal eggs are perfect for you!
Crystal eggs are a great choice for acupressure. Practitioners of acupressure sometimes use special tools to help them apply pressure to the key points on the body's meridian. Crystal eggs are an ideal choice because either end of the egg can be used. The top can be used to apply gentle pressure to the points. The more rounded bottom can be used to rub muscles for blood and energy circulation. 

Used for opening your heart's center and healing your emotions. Enhances tenderness, hope and kindness. Encourages us to be loving peaceful and gentle. Emanating unconditional love, it helps attracting positive, gentle energy into one's life.

***Includes 1 gemstone egg - Approximately 2"***