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Obsidian Crystal Vogel Wand from Brazil

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Obsidian Crystal Vogel

Vogel wands have a very precise vibratory signature. They have specially created, indented facets with specific angles down the sides of the wand to create a superbly efficient healing tool that has a very high and pure vibration. The shorter fatter end is female and draws pranic energy which is amplified as it spirals through the facets. The longer, thinner end is male and transmits energy out in a strongly focused laser-like beam. Vogels are excellent for connecting the chakras, removing attached entities and removing negativity. They detect and rectify energy blockages and strongly cohere the energy fields around and within the body. Program your Vogel to the intention you wish to receive for healing.

Discover who you truly are and open to new horizons with black Obsidian. Keep Obsidian close by to shield against negative vibes!

A protective stone, forming a shield against negativity. Impels us to grow and lend solid support while we do so. Eliminates energy blockages and relieves tension. Allows exploration of the unknown opening new horizons. Promotes compassion and strength.