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Amber Pebbles from Indonesia

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Amber is not a gemstone, but a fossilized tree resin. Amber is as old as time itself, dating back millions of years. And yet, it is still used today for its magnificent healing powers. Carry a piece of Amber with you protect yourself against electromagnetic smog emitted through our phones, computers, microwaves and other electrical devices. It is a powerful protector that gives the user a sense of health and well being. Amber helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy. This cheery stone assists manifestation, eases stress and depression and aids physical healing. An overall incredibly warming crystal to add to your collection!

A powerful healer and cleanser. Absorbs negative energies and turns them into positive forces. A powerful protector. Brings balance, patience and vitality. Clears depression and promotes a positive mental state. Encourages peace and promotes trust and wisdom.

Approximately 1 1/4" - 1 1/2"