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Flying Heart with Wings

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Strawberry Quartz & Tiger Eye

These beautiful flying heart wings will bring a magical energy to your day!

Glittery and powerful, Strawberry Quartz will wrap you in a cloak of love! The perfect healing crystal to stimulate the heart energy center of the body. Strawberry Quartz fills you with love and with the euphoria of blissful feelings. Meditating with Strawberry Quartz can can stabilize an unbalanced energy field, and bring guidance to the Higher Heart. It can help one who is learning about past lives and astral travel, gathering information on these endeavors. 

Tiger Eye encourages you to live boldly, fiercely and bravely in all aspects of your life. When you channel the energy of Tiger Eye you will immediately tap into your personal power and self confidence. 

Strawberry Quartz teaches you how to find humor in all situations and brings divine love into everything you do. Creates a harmonious, loving environment and wraps you in a cloak of love wherever you may be. Reduces anxiety replacing it with tranquility.

Tiger eye is most recognized for bringing money, protection, courage and luck. Builds confidence and clear thinking and speaking. Allows us to recognize both our talents and our faults. Helps change anxiety and fear into practicality and logic. Draws helpful people to the wearer.

***Approximately 4"***