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Bumble Bee Jasper Palm Stones

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Bumble Bee Jasper Crystal

The bumble bee Jasper is amongst the most uncommon and gorgeous looking stones that you can discover in the whole world. It is greatly unique and difficult to stumble upon this stone. It has great hidden potential and powers. This is a stone that possesses a strong earth energy and embodies a strong energy of a volcano wherein it is birthed. It is formed where the volcano opened through the earth. The stones stimulate both the solar plexus and sacral chakras which enables a growth in personal power. The power chakra also relates strongly to one's self-esteem, and the stones are well known to aid with the increase in self-confidence.

Known as the “supreme nurturer.” Sustains and supports during times of stress bringing tranquility and wholeness. Reminds people to help each other. Absorbs negative energy and cleanses and aligns the chakras and the aura. Aids quick thinking, and promotes organizational abilities and seeing projects through. Stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into actions.

***Approximately 2" - 2 1/2"***