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Creamsicle Calcite Crystal Massage Wands from Pakistan

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Calcite Healing Crystal Hearts

Yummy creamsicle Calcite crystal massage wands are now available! Calcite is a major energy transformer, dissolving the old to make way for the new. Always have a little sunshine in your pocket when you carry creamsicle Calcite with you. Let this crystal give your self a healthy dose of Vitamin D, the life-sustaining nutrient that radiates the energy of the sun.

Open and recharge your chakras with Calcite. Surround yourself with Calcite to amplify energy and cleanse your space. Its life giving power has the ability to provide motivation and immense gratitude bringing a life of prosperity and good fortune. It alleviates emotional stress and replaces it with serenity.

***Includes 1 massage wand - 4 1/2"***