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Carnelian Crystal Flame

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Has your life lost that sense of excitement and passion? Are you lacking a creative drive in your professional life? Are you looking for a boost of self-esteem and self-confidence to go after what you truly desire? The fiery energy of a Carnelian crystal might be just what your soul needs. 
What is the symbolism of a flame? The element of fire has great power for forging will and determination. It is our inner light as well as a symbol of the Divine fire that burns within every soul. The fire element requires boundaries so you can tend it and feed it as the coals begin to dim. Fire consumes but not without giving back light and warmth. It shines without remorse, sparking the darkness with all manner of alchemical stirrings. It chants: "Come dance with me! Bring your drum! Sound out your heartbeat: give yourself to the trance." Magically speaking, fire comes under the rule of Venus - the planet of passions. Fire energies apply to anything associated with your personal power, ingenuity and manifesting will. It can also represent bravery, beginnings and drive.

Heals the body's sacral center for creative and emotional energies. Provides a deeper appreciation with one's body. Greater connection with friends and lovers and reduction of guilty feelings. More spontaneous, energetic and motivated individual.

***Approximately 2 3/4"***