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Crystal Mini Skulls

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Crystal Skull

Did you know skulls are a magical protection charm? Actually, skulls in symbology are so significant that they have been tracked all of the way back into the dawn of the Hindu culture - over 5,000 decades back. Get yours here!

LABRADORITE: Bring Labradorite into your life & remember that every day holds a new magic to be discovered. Raises your vibration & invites in new levels of endless possibilities. Stimulates intuition, psychic gifts & ignites spiritual expansion. Banishes fears & insecurities & strengthens faith in the self & trust in the universe. A highly protective stone, a bringer of light.

AMETHYST: An exceptional crystal for providing natural stress relief. Amethyst attracts positive energy while ridding your body of negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear and depression. Its acts as an energetic shield of protection, creating a bubble of spiritual light around your body. Use this crystal to help you tap in to your third eye and trust your intuition.

***Includes 1 crystal skull - approximately 1"