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Fire Quartz Crystal Star

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Fire Quartz Crystal

The "anti-stress" stone, Fire Quartz repels negativity, provides optimism and fills your spirit with high frequency energy. It stabilizes our emotions, heals old wounds and changes negative energy into a positive and pure universal light of love. This healing crystal grounds scattered behavior and improves focus and concentration. The inclusions of Hematite in this crystal have a powerful impact. Emotionally and mentally, the hematite inclusions repel toxic energy and strengthen will and courage.

This Holy flame can purify negative energy. It will fill you with warm energy of love and allow your brilliance to shine through. Fire Quartz amplifies properties of balance and stability. Its high energy removes negativity and transforms it into positive vibrations. This crystal also assists when self-worth and self-esteem are lacking. It provides optimism, will and courage.

***Approximately 1.25"***