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Black Tourmaline Slices from Brazil

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Black Tourmaline Crystal

Looking for the perfect protection crystal? If you have ever picked up on bad vibes from a person or a space, keep Black Tourmaline close by. For times when you encounter those lower vibrations bringing you down, count on Black Tourmaline to keep your energy at the highest frequency possible! This crystal works like a sponge to soak up all the negative energy that surrounds it. It can prevent unwanted energy from entering your home, body, mind and spirit which gives this stone its protective quality.

A grounding stone. Repels negative energy of all kinds. Disperses tension and stress, increasing physical vitality. Clears negative thoughts, promoting a laid-back and positive attitude. Stimulates creativity, promotes rational thought and encourages altruism. 

Approximately 3" - 3 1/2" long