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Pink IceLand Spar Optical Calcite

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Optical Calcite 

This rare and stunning double refractive stone is truly a special find from the mines of Durango, Mexico. Optical Calcite is a natural polarizing filter. It is birefringent which means that light rays that enter the crystal become polarized, split and exit the crystal through two paths. This creates a double image of any object that is viewed through the crystal. It is believed that the Vikings took advantage of iceland spar's polarizing effect to navigate the North Atlantic Ocean. This crystal made it easier to navigate through dense fog and mist. This amazing crystal will also fluoresce a nice pink to orange color using a UV lamp!

Open and recharge your chakras with Calcite. Surround yourself with Calcite to amplify energy and cleanse your space. Its life giving power has the ability to provide motivation and immense gratitude bringing a life of prosperity and good fortune. It alleviates emotional stress and replaces it with serenity.

***Includes 1 piece of Calcite - approximately 1" - 2"***