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Peacock Ore

A MUST HAVE crystal in your spiritual tool box! Our fascinating Peacock Ore from Sonora Mexico holds a special energy like no other. These crystals carry the message that life is truly joyful. It helps you appreciate the joy available in every moment. It guides you in positive directions, and help you share this happiness with others. It let you know that all is just as it should be. In addition, it protects from negativity and releases old patterns of thought and emotions that are no longer useful. Grab one of these powerful healing stones today!

The "stone of happiness", Peacock Ore eliminates negative feelings and brings an abundance of joy and happiness to one's life. It offers smooth life transition and can align every chakra. The energetic vibe of this crystal helps bring clarity to situations that were previously clouded by negative emotions or pain. It brings color back into your aura and removes self imposed obstacles.

***Includes 1 piece - approximately 2" - 2 1/2"