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Rainbow Fluorite Moon Dish

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Fluorite Crystal 

Connecting with Fluorite energy allows you to let your dreams run wild and your spirit run free, setting you up for success in manifesting your dreams and making your wishes come true! 

As life moves at a fast pace and away from nature, it is becoming more important to turn to the spiritual meaning of the Moon as a way to connect to rhythms and cycles outside of the often frantic pace of modern living. In addition to representing the divine feminine, the Moon is also associated with enlightenment and illumination and our conscious and subconscious. After all, the moon does shine down on us all and illuminates the dark!

Fluorite is a highly protective stone and can help overcome chaos. Stabilizes and cleanses the aura. Draws off negative energy and stress of all kinds. Dissolves fixed patterns and ideas, helping to see the bigger picture. Use Fluorite to help overcome any form of disorganization. 

 ***Approximately 1"***