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Selenite Dagger

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Does it feel like you need to clear stagnant energy? Raise your vibration and clear dense energy with Selenite by your side! Selenite is one to the most important tools in your spiritual tool kit.  It is sometimes referred to as "liquid light" because it has an extremely high vibration and can uplift your spirit to an elevated state of being. Not only does it have this effect on you, it has a similar effect on your crystals and your environment. A Selenite crystal is the ultimate energy tool to purify, clear, cleanse, and uplift your space and everything in it! Besides energy clearing, Selenite crystals are powerful for other spiritual and energetic practices like meditation, Reiki, breath work, yoga and cord-cutting. 

Selenite has a very fine vibration. It is one of the most important crystals for the new vibration on earth. Brings clarity of mind and access to higher guidance. A calm stone that instills deep peace and creates a safe space. Helps pinpoint lesson and issues needing work and shows how they can be resolved.

Approximately 6"