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RARE Trolleite Crystal Angel

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Trolleite Crystal Angel

Angels are a symbol of protection, purity, courage, love and harmony. They provide us with happiness, hope and faith. An angel will arrive the moment you call them, wings ready. If you happen to see angel wings often around you, or your attention is often called to this symbol, your angels are probably telling you that you are safe, protected and free. Why not ask them yourself? Just test it out! Call upon your angels in times of need. Grab this super special Trolleite crystal angel straight from Brazil. It will be sure to take your breath away!

Trolleite is a high vibrational ascension stone. It's energetic field of tranquil serenity envelops us during meditation to encourage us to let of the distractions of the world and of old habits. This crystal alleviates stress and imbues us with a sense of purpose. Trolleite amplifies sensitivity and intuition and encourages self-discipline and mental clarity.

***Approximately 5" tall***